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Loft fires

Lloyd Rehman & Co.  have been involved with a number of cases where over the last few years where uptodate loft insulation has been installed in homes covering tube heaters which had not been properly identified by the Installers.

The effect of this, is that when the tube heaters are turned on, to try and keep the water in the cold water tank from freezing during cold nights, the tube heaters are unable to lose heat quickly enough and they can become hotter and hotter. If they reach a temperature where nearby material will combust, it is probable that a fire will result.

At present it does not appear the the relevant British Standard covering loft insulation takes account of the need to identify tube heaters let alone how they should be dealt with. We have had involvement with a number of such cases, and know of a goodly number of other loft fires which appear to have been caused in this manner. Perhaps at some point in time, the BSI will update the relevant Standard, but until then, a trickle of such fires will continue to occur. There does not seem to be adequate data as to just how many lofts have tube heaters installed. At least I know that my loft at home does not have tube heaters. They are often not that easy to spot, so if you are having loft insulation installed, my strong advice to you would be to find out before the insulation is laid, and if you do have tube heaters in your loft, tell the Installers in writing, when they come to survey your property.


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